Blue “Active Shooter” Emergency Boxes Installed In 150 Schools Nationwide


Around 150 schools across America have opted to install BluePoint alert systems as well as blue pull boxes that serve as direct links to emergency responders, according to the Chicago Tribune.

These BluePoint emergency boxes work much like the ones seen on different forms of public transportation. The user removes a plastic cover and then pushes the lever in and down. This action sends a signal to BluePoint and then to police. School staffers have also been equipped with special fobs that they can wear around their necks (similar to car keys) that when pushed will activate the alert system, according to the Tribune.

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St. Benedict’s Preparatory School on Chicago’s North Side is one of 20 schools in Illinois that have chosen to install the $90,000 systems and St. Ben’s specifically, spent an additional $40,000 on new security cameras. the Tribune reports.

Ten-year-old student Henry Klucznik says he feels much safer knowing the school has installed the BluePoint emergency boxes.

“I feel a lot safer than I used to,” Henry told the Tribune. The closest box two him is “two to three seconds away,” right down the hall, he said.

“It’s sad that we do have to think about this,” said Henry’s mother, Molly Klucznik. “When I was growing up, we had tornado drills.

Out of the 20 schools in Illinois that have had the systems installed, only 4 are in the city of Chicago. None of the schools with the new systems are public schools, according to the Tribune.