Ladies Of The Left Vow “No Sex!” Unless Men Vote For Democrats In Midterms Tuesday


Females from the far left who were seen scratching and beating on the doors of the Supreme Court – with zero effect on keeping Justice Brett Kavanaugh off the court – have decided to take it a step further: a full on sex strike! Yes, you read that right.

Looks like men will get no play with pink hat wearing #Resist ladies. Author Wednesday Martin penned an essay on CNN called “What if Women Went on a Sex Strike Before the Midterms?”

“It’s time for a revolution. At the polls, and in the bedroom. And in our understanding of who women are, sexually and otherwise. Given the tight interweaving of economic and political power with sexual entitlement, female sexual autonomy has never been more urgent, and women’s sexual pleasure has never been more political. Let’s consider what it might mean to go on a sex strike of sorts — to get what we want, rather than give what we think we owe others.”

I don’t think anyone considers women using sex to get what they want as “revolutionary,” but I digress. I was under the impression that feminists were supposed to reject femininity and female wiles in favor of more equal ways of advancing. What was the entire #MeToo campaign about again? Oh yeah, a female willing to trade sexual favors in exchange for advancements in the movie industry, that’s right.

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The CNN article continues:

“A women’s sex strike against service sex, a refusal to do it out of a sense of obligation, would force us to confront these basic inequalities. Our current administration has amped up the notion that women are mere extensions of male will and pleasure, there to serve at every turn…What are the President’s insults to Stormy Daniels other than assertions that the woman who enjoys sex or profits from it in any way — emotionally, financially, or physically — is unnatural, immoral, and unattractive? In this world order, female sexual autonomy is not only dangerous and destabilizing; it is increasingly hard to imagine. And female pleasure is irrelevant, even pathological, if it exists at all.”

President Trump wasn’t insulting Stormy Daniels because of how much she loves sex (we all know how much she loves sex!) and more to do with her disgusting character and willingness to go after his family all for a buck. Most people don’t believe President Trump would ever cheat on Melania (she’s absolutely stunning) with “Horse-face”, sorry, Stormy Daniels, who hired that one creepy porn lawyer.

The CNN article continues:

“In the ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, the character Lysistrata urges women to go on a sex strike to get men on both sides to end the Peloponnesian War. In our case, a sex strike against service sex can be a powerful statement — that female desire, a metric of agency like women’s votes, will be heard.”

So, first of all, Lysistrata was a comedy performed by an all male cast. Secondly, they were mocking women, not making some huge statement about women’s power or rights.

So guys, listen..if you’re worried that the idea of no sex unless you vote Democrat on Tuesday will catch on, the #Resist ladies were good enough to put together just one more campaign (#GrabThemByTheBallot) to show you what you are missing out on.

“We updated our story on the nude photo campaign with an entire slideshow from the shoot

WARNING: The following photos are graphic

“Grab Them By The Ballot – We Are Unhappy Women They are highly manipulative, vicious, vindictive, spiteful, solipsistic and ego-driven. They are completely self-absorbed. They will do or say anything to achieve their desires.

Chesley J. Dohl (@chesleydohl) hit the nail on the head with this tweet:

“Be naked. Grab superficial attention. Stand for nothing. Fall for anything. What’s wrong with people?”

Mark Dice (@MarkDice) tweeted that these images made him lose his ability to eat dinner (lol):

“It appears the campaign is real. Democrats think that this will help defeat Republicans in the Midterms. One thing they did defeat is my dinner.”

Daisy Dianey (@MsDianey), responding to a separate post by Mark Dice posted a much more flattering and sexy #MAGA woman saying, “This one is much better…

You’ve made it all the way through, and I know it wasn’t easy. Here’s your reward, enjoy!!:

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