Trump Delivers Again At Pennsylvania Rally: ‘We Have The Best Economy Ever’


Thursday night, President Donald J. Trump, rallied his supporters in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania for the second of three “Make America Great Again” rallies this week.

Trump said he would “personally prefer” shutting down the government before the midterm elections in November if Congress fails to pass funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

“I say it’s better before,” he continued. “Let’s do it before. You know who thinks it’s better to do it before? Rush Limbaugh thinks it should be before, before the election. You know who else? Sean Hannity. A lot of them, great people. A lot of people, a lot of great Republicans, they are well-meaning. They say ‘look we have the best economy ever. We are doing great.’ Maybe they don’t want to complicate it. I understand it.  You know I’m a little torn myself. I would personally prefer before [November’s midterm elections]. But whether it’s before or after, we’re either getting it, or we’re closing down government. We need border security. We need border security.”

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Trump told the crowd, “We are going to be taking some very tough actions. I don’t know if it’s before the election or after the election. You know a lot of the Republicans say, and they are good, they are good, we need more Republicans, and they are friends of mine, and they say president, you know –some of them are really tough guys —and they say, ‘Sir, we are better off if we wait until afterwards.’”

President Trump was in Pennsylvania to champion “dynamo” GOP Rep. Lou Barletta, who is running against the Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Casey. Speaking to the crowd, Trump said, “We need Republicans. We need Lou Barletta. He is tough. They’re liking you, Lou. They’re liking you.”

Trump went on to mention how the usual suspects were influencing incumbent Sen. Bob Casey.

“Schumer, Pelosi, and Maxine Waters told them not to meet,” Trump said, regarding how Casey has been told to not meet with the newly nominated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

President Trump also expressed his frustrations with the mainstream media’s coverage of the Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, as well as his recent summit in Helsinki, Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin, stressing how BOTH meetings were positive.

“I had a great meeting with Putin, we discussed everything,” Trump said, denouncing the negative coverage by the media. “We got along really well. By the way, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. That’s a really good thing.”

While shadowboxing, President Trump joked that the media wanted him to “go up and have a boxing match,” with Putin.

“You’ve been totally giving your votes to Democrats, they’ve let you down, I said, ‘What the hell do you have to lose?,’”  Trump said of those who were undecided voters during the election.

“Together we will make America wealthy again,” he finished. “We will make America strong again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great Again! Thank you Pennsylvania, vote for Lou!”