WATCH: BLP’s Sonny Joy Nelson Explains Why Voting Pro-Life is NOT a Mistake


The issue of abortion has been in the headlines recently amid President Donald J. Trump’s nomination of conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Fox News’ Tomi Lahren said that conservatives should steer clear of the abortion issue completely. Implying that conservatives might upset our liberal friends…

Disgusting Netflix comedienne Michelle Wolf praised abortion Sunday on her Netflix show, saying “God bless abortion.”

The professional left is swarming DC demanding that Kavanaugh not be confirmed because of the abortion issue.

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At Big League Politics, we don’t plan on watering things down for leftists. In fact, we say turn up the heat!

WATCH as Sonny Joy Nelson SCORCHES the opposition and explains why conservatives should NEVER be afraid to be PRO-LIFE!